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#156 Cannot find init.scm


Version Gerbv 2.5.0 (windows build)

If gerbv is launched from a desktop icon all is well. It opens and I can then open a project file.

If gerbv is launched from the command line, the app is launched and all appears well. I can open a layer.
Alas when I try to open a project it fails with the message:

Problem loading init.scm (No such file or directory)
could not read C:\saving.gvp[-1]

Placing the project file in the same directory as the layers made no difference.

Running gerbv from the command line with a full path to the .exe works and I can then open projects.
If gerbv.exe is launched using the system found path to the executable then the issue arises.


  • Hello!

    Win2k is an old beast that is supported by mere mercy, see for instance bug report 3197747.
    Gerbv searches for init.scm in the following places and order:
    1) According to the variable $GERBV_SCHEMEINIT
    2) BACKEND_DIR which is defined during compilation. In Linux/Debian/Ubuntu it is defined to /usr/share/gerbv/scheme/.
    3) The same directory as the binary directory.
    4) Current working directory.

    I do not know how Win2k resolves all these directories.

    Tell me how it goes.

    Best regards,