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Geographical Traceroute / News: Recent posts

v0.0.4 released

options and cmd line args added
minor bug fixes
check the changelog

Posted by absolut 2001-04-18

RPMS for v0.0.3

Thanks to Rob for making those rpms. you get choose from i386 binary, PPC binary of src rpm.

Posted by absolut 2001-04-15

Geotrace v0.0.3

Major bug fixes. 0.0.3 should be stable.
handling of alber projection.
history of traced hosts.
host address verifier.
some other minor feature and bug fixes. see changelog

Posted by absolut 2001-03-31

Geotrace v0.0.2 released

this is mainly a bug fix release. Geotrace should be much more stable. Check out the release notes for more details.
Thanx to everyone who submitted bug reports.

Posted by absolut 2001-03-28

fixed tarball

allright. It appears I submitted a corrupted tarball earlier.
It's fixed now. Sorry about that

Posted by absolut 2001-03-27

Geotrace initial release

Version 0.0.1, the initial release has arrived.

Posted by absolut 2001-03-27