The GeoTools library uses the Java Service Provider Interface (SPI) to wire up its plugins at runtime.

I understand some changes are needed, to use some java 6 mechanism, in order for GeoTools to work on Android. The rendering part of GeoTools would also need to be migrated to the Android graphics classes (rather than Java 2D).

Andrea Antonello was also interested and may have access to further research. If we can keep conversation on the geotools users list we can all benefit by sharing background information. Contacting developers "off-list" is usually restricted to customers as a benefit of a support contract :-)

I made an initial experiment into *just* the Java Service Provider problem here:

I would of course *love* to see this work funded (or taken on by a volunteer) as Android is an exciting platform for GIS activities that could be well served by a library like GeoTools.

Perhaps you can be part of the solution? Sign up to the and continue the conversation?

Jody Garnett

On Tuesday, 23 April 2013 at 2:07 AM, Tawisak Ruksuwan wrote:

Dear, sir

I am chio. i am a student of Prince of songkla university.
now I interesting about geotool + android 

and follow it already.

i want to know how to change to develop with android

thank in advance.