Geoserver/GeoTools meeting 2013 Marth 18th


- Andrea Aime
- Justin Deolivera
- Jody Garnett


* Planning future releases (2.3.x series)
* Google summer of code

Planning future releases (2.3.x series)

- Next 5 releases of the stable series, 18th of the month for 5 months
- AA: Jody, update the "latest" page to say there are no unstable relases (and point to Nightly)
- AA: prepare schedule page and solicit signing up on the mailing list
- Try to stick to the plan and do two betas (JD, AA), but also open to do one beta (JG)

Google summer of code

Are we going to participate?
Issue: hard to find working hours to do so, the project has to align with the mentor's company needs somehow
AA: find a list of items that we could be interested into
JG: ask the mailing list for ideas/mentors

- back up mentor
- initial training sessions on google hangout really helped the uDig SoC last year

NEXT MEETING IS APRIL 1ST 2013 (no, this is not a joke :-p )