You can use StreamingRenderer to write a MapContext to a graphic of a BufferedImage. From there I suggest using the java ImageIO class to create the image in the format you desire (except gif ).


On 7/28/06, Ian Turton <> wrote:
client requests.

On 7/28/06, Bernd Resch <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got a very basic question: as I understood, GeoTools aims at
> displaying maps etc. in client-side components such as Applets (using
> the JFrame class). Using GeoTools, is it also possible to build
> web-based applications (maps are displayed directly within an HTML page
> e.g. using JSP)?
> If yes, are the same classes like (Styled)MapPane etc. used?

mostly you just use a renderer to draw directly to an image that the
servlet sends to the client.

> If no, are there any open-source Java implementations available?

check out geoserver and mapbuilder.


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