As with Justin I would like to keep postgis versioned around (I expect I will soon have budget to formally port it to jdbc-ng).
I had a request for vpf via private email recently; so it is still used. There is a completely useless "gpx2" module.

whatnick was interested in jts-wrapper and geometry; and I am still searching for funding to make use of them (as we do not have another alternative
for geometry at this time; although I have identified several projects none seem to be very good).

geometryless depends on sql-datastore; so if you would need to remove it as well.
Jody Garnett

On Friday, 6 May 2011 at 5:25 PM, Simone Giannecchini wrote:

Ciao a tutti,
after hearing complaints about the size of geotools when checking out
from svn I decided
to take a look at what we could remove/reduce.

Here is some modules which I think we could remove, of course I need
to talk to you guys in order to understand what can be achieved:

- caching? Looks like an abandoned module to me
- db2
- geometry
- jts-wrapper
- mysql
- oracle-spatial
- postgis/postgis versioned
- shapefile renderer
- sql-datastore
- vpf

I see some other modules which we could at least moved to something
like dormant ( see what apache does with dormant

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