Yes, Andrea. I remove the epsg-access and It works fine, Thank you !!!!

On 3/27/07, Andrea Aime < > wrote:
Fabio Luiz Leite ha scritto:
> Hi people, I am using geotools 2.4 , an error is occuring. The code
> tested works well in JUNIT test, in stand alone mode. This error ocurrs
> when i call the web service method, in the sun application server.
> The message is: org.opengis.referencing . FactoryException: Failed to
> connect to the EPSG database.
> Does anyone knows whats happening ? Thank's in advance.

From the stack trace it seems you have epsg-access too, which on a
unix platform won't work.
Remove it :-)

Fábio Luiz Leite Júnior