Geotag half works

GM Watts
  • GM Watts
    GM Watts

    I love Geotag because of the simple ability to download Garmin tracks straight from the unit but...

    The EXIF data isn't being shared with other programs. (ExifTool is loaded)

    I load a photo, get the track and save it. If I close Geotag and re-open it, the GPS data (lat long) is still there.  But if I use to see the EXIF, the GPS data is missing. Which causes the photo not to map on either Google Earth or Panoramio.  BUT, if I'm in Geotag, I can click the image and it will map to Google Earth.

    So, the exif data is being written but not so all programs can see it.

    I tried the two suggested parameters in the Exif settings, but to no avail.

    What have I missed?  Any help is appreciated.  thanks

    ps... I tried 'GeoSetter' which does save the Exif so every other program can see it, but loading the GPS data is not as easy and fast as Geotag.


    • Charles

      My guess is that the program is writing to xmp files and not embedding the data in the actual photo.


    it's for me the same, no solution ??