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Geo & Registry Update

A long awaited new release from geo and registry data. Geodata come from a new source, GeoNames is a merge between many different geo sources. Expect a better accuracy.

Posted by Gabriel Klein 2006-10-01

New RegData available

New and Updated RegData, with a new whois server:

Posted by Gabriel Klein 2005-12-06

New GeoData data available

New GeoData Set.
This set is in "beta". We have made some changes in the code used to generate this data.

Posted by Gabriel Klein 2005-12-05

AdsClick gets involved

We have decided at Ads-Click to devote some of our ressources to GeoScope.
So expect some update and some new features for this project very soon.
We are a private company, but this project will of course remain open-souce. So expect some nice features.

Posted by Gabriel Klein 2005-11-29

GeoScope 0.8 released

Version 0.8 of GeoScope - including full documentation - has been released. We also uploaded new geo data and registry data.

GeoScope is available for project takeover. Please inquire if interested, thanks.

Posted by Johann Burkard 2005-01-07

New registry data available

Oi oi oi,

there's some fresh registry data available for you.

Posted by Johann Burkard 2004-08-02

GeoScope 0.7 release


GeoScope version 0.7 is out. It features one big bugfix and some (german) documentation.

It's probably the last release before 1.0, so check it out.

Posted by Johann Burkard 2004-07-21

New registry data available

I have just posted new registry data, generated 2004-07-12.

Posted by Johann Burkard 2004-07-12