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#37 Add REST API as federated search option

Geoportal (20)
David Neufeld

Consider adding the Geoportal REST API as a federated search option. This would allow more detailed and consistent search results across federated searches that share common property meaning and indexing strategies.

Use Case:
NGDC has a wms.resource.url that we can search on that will return all WMS services that are documented using ISO service elements. This returns more results that a simple text search for WMS. However federating a wms.resource.url search to other NOAA data centers will fail using CSW because the resource is not part of the core queryables. It's possible that I'm missing something on the CSW limitation here, but if not then adding the REST API as a federated search option would be valuable.

Thanks for considering.


  • David Neufeld
    David Neufeld

    One other addition, perhaps this should be a separate ticket, but outputSchema with gmi root namespace needs to be supported. Currently my gmi ISO records are returned by setting outputSchema="" but fails if I request outputSchema=""