Announcement of GeoNetwork v2.0

A version 2 of GeoNetwork is currently under development through a collaboration of FAO-UN with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The release of this version is foreseen for December 2004. A beta version will be released soon.

So, what's new? The list is fairly large, but probably the most important things are:
- Support for metadata based on XML-schema fromatted standard. This allows GeoNetwork to validate metadata entries using a schema like the upcoming ISO19139 Implementation schema for ISO19115.
- Support for multiple metadata standards.
- New search engine based on Lucene. Searches are performed from secundary memory instead of primary to allow for large quantities of metadata (version 1.2 is limited to the available RAM and reasonable startup time of the system, practically to some 10.000 records).
- Multiple GeoNetwork websites on the same web server.
- Improved web based metadata editor.
- SOAP interface on web services.
- Easier language customization.
- More straight forward application configuration.
- Improved installer with the option to automatically install GeoNetwork using another JDBC database system instead of the default McKoi embedded DB (o.a. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSQL).
- Others.

Posted by Jeroen Ticheler 2004-10-28