I personally like as I think that may cause confusion with the opensource Geonetwork community site even if it isn't called that way by URL.
Just an opinion from an old GeoNetwork fan and, for those who know, the 'higher reality' of geonetwork.mysdi is just perfect!!!

On 30/08/06, Jeroen Ticheler <> wrote:
Dear all,

Sean Khan suggested registering a domain for the GeoNetwork project,
and he is absolutely right. We have taken way to long to do so. Does
anyone have a good suggestion for a domain that is still available?
Please let me know and I will register it and make the community site
use it.

Sean's suggestion:                                                     

I have some other domains that could be used too: and        (would be for example)

Or something else that's appropriate.

Looking forward to suggestions.


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