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New release 2.4.1

In the new release sliders has been added to the grid for interactive parameter exploration. A new model suitable for soft matter x-ray and neutron reflectivity has been added. Logarithmic x-axis is now possible. It is possible to igonore NaN's and Inf's in the FOM. New contributed plugin's from Artur Glavic has been added (data laoder for SNS BL4 data and a layer definition aid). Also various bug fixes has been fixed.

Posted by Matts Björck 2015-08-01

Bug fix release 2.3.6

A new bug fix (mainly) release is out. This correct a number of issues reported see the README file for more details.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-12-20

Bug fix release GenX 2.3.5

A Bug fix release of GenX is available. It fixes problem with windows installations not working and problems with the new file format. And some minor bugs found, see the README file.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-10-30

Bug in GenX installation

There is a bug in the windows installer which causes GenX not to start after installation. This is due to that configuration files are not copied to the right system folder. A new version will be released soon.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-10-29

Issue with OS-X installer

There has been an bug in the os-x app. The program failed to start on some installations. This is fixed now and it should work (fixed in GenX-2.3.3-2-OSX.dmg).

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-10-25

New version

A new version of GenX is available. A number of improvements from the user community has been incorporated. See the README file for more information.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-10-19

New paper about GenX

A new paper describing the magnetic model used in GenX's mag_refl module is available from For the citation details see

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-09-11

Video Tutorial

A user, Mingda Li, has published a video tutorial as how to fit a PNR data set. It can found at

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-08-18

Moved documentation

The documentation has been migrated from the wiki to
It has also been updated.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-07-01

Wiki picture problems

The wiki has lost all the pictures in the tutorials. I am currently, by hand, moving all the content from the wiki to a new documentation system. It should be finished within a week.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-06-28

Updated windows installer

The previous windows installer allowed non administrators to install the program. This could cause some malfunction. The installer has been updated. No changes has been made to the program itself.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-06-04

New version

A new version, 2.2.0, of GenX has been released. It includes a beta version of the mag_refl model (resonant magnetic reflectivity), improvements in the Reflectivity plugin and numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-05-28

Publications list updated

The publication list of articles using GenX has been updated. The complete list can be found at

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-02-26

Bug fix release GenX 2.1.1

A minor release that incorporates some bug fixes that should have been included in 2.1.0.
The changes are made in the mag_refl module that are still experimental.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-02-04

GenX 2.1.0 released

A new version including new data loaders as well as a number of improvements and bug fixes has been released. The program has binary versions for Mac OSX and Windows as well as the usual python source code version.

Posted by Matts Björck 2014-01-30

Need SF login to submit ticket

Since I have gotten an increasing number of spams submitted through the ticket system it is closed for anonymous submission. Since this morning you have to have a sourceforge account to submit tickets.

Posted by Matts Björck 2011-11-24

An introduction and review of differential evolution

There is a paper out describing how to use (and tune) the optimization algorithm in GenX, differential evolution. You can find it at: . If you do not have access to the journal just send me a mail and I will send you a pre-print.

Posted by Matts Björck 2011-11-17

Binary versions

There are binary versions released as betas for windows and package for ubuntu compiled by aglavic. If you have one of those operating systems go to to test the binary versions.

Posted by Matts Björck 2011-07-01

New release!

A new release of GenX is available. It mostly an bugfix release correcting a number of bugs that has been recorded. The current release is named 2.0.0

Posted by Matts Björck 2011-03-23

New bug fix release

A bugfix release has been released. There was a serious bug in the Reflectivity plugin for GenXv2.0b6 under newer Linux distributions. This has been fixed.

Posted by Matts Björck 2010-02-28

Wiki released

The homepage has been updated and the in-progress trac wiki
has been announced.

Posted by Matts Björck 2009-06-14

GenX2.0b6 out!

A new and improved version is available for download. Improvements in the reflectivity plugin, a new model for surface x-ray diffraction and better selection of parameters to fit.

Posted by Matts Björck 2009-05-27

New x-ray reflectivity tutorial

A new x-ray reflectivity tutorial has been uploaded to the homepage. It deals with loading data, constructing a model, fitting it and analysing the results.

Posted by Matts Björck 2009-03-26

Changed news

The news section on the homepage has changed to the RSS feed provided by sourceforge. Therefore all the old news has been lost.

Posted by Matts Björck 2009-03-05


A first beta version of the homepage has been posted

Posted by Matts Björck 2008-08-09