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#7 Gentoo needs tabs!

Emil Brink
Frederick Reeve

A feature Gentoo has needed for years is tabs. I have used it almost exclusively for gui file managment for 10 years now. And have come to realize, that is the thing I would desire the most. Simply to be able to have multiple tabs per pane. Another feature that coupled with that would make it most perfect would be file operations disconnected from the pains themselves. The current behavior is that if I am doing a copy and change the pane this effects the copy input etc. This would be more work as it would require make a separate list in memory etc.

Anyway. I finally got this in :-)

Sorry I never responded to your email emil I will try to do that in the next few weeks.


  • Emil Brink
    Emil Brink

    Hm ... Intriguing idea, for sure. Tabs would be interesting, and indeed a bit challenging to add.

    I just went through and changed all places where gentoo touches the file system (to implement GIO, new in 0.19.1 which was released a few days ago), this would mean going through them again.

    Plus, I always get the anxious thought "what happens if you first start a copy of my-big-dir/ with 10 GB in it to some slow network drive, and then delete my-big-dir from a different tab?". Suggestions?

  • Emil Brink
    Emil Brink

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  • Well I have run into that problem before but it happens when I am using the shell or multiple copies of gentoo to get around the absence of the tabs feature. I was curious to see if any other file managers handle that case and it turns out at least nautilus doesn't. It just lets it happen and finishes the operation with out error the best it can. Its a personal opinion but I don't think that file system locking is something that needs to be implemented in the file manager. It would be much too complex. Better to let the user make there own mistakes and learn from them. Even basic tabs would be a huge step forward. I run 2-4 copies of gentoo at a time in a normal session. I am perhaps not a normal user though. All that said having 4 tabs open in one copy of gentoo is really no more unsafe than running 2 or 3 copies of gentoo and using a few shell windows, its just much easier.

    So I guess it is my opinion that gentoo should not try to handle that. I don't think its its job.