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Release! 2.1.3

This release of Genographer includes an update to the user
interface, a total reworking of the genotyping facility,
improved handling of unprocessed (raw) ABI .fsa files
(use the GeneMapper import filter), some code
refactoring and numerous bug fixes
(see Change Log).

Source and binary files are included in all of the platform
releases. The latest release of Java (1.6.0 update 10 beta)
offers a noticeable speedup in running the application so
that JRE is included with each of the platform specific
releases. The JRE stays local to the application directory
and is only used by Genographer. The platform independent
release contains an executable .jar that is invoked using:

java -Xmx256m –jar genographer.jar
You’ll need Java 1.6 or higher to run it.

Genographer has been test on Windows XP, Windows Vista and
Ubuntu 7.04. I don't have access to a Mac so I'd love to
hear if it works or not now that Apple has released Java 6
for their machines.

There is also a video tutorial available. It requires a
modern web browser with Adobe’s Flash installed to view.
I highly recommend taking the 10 minutes to watch the video
as it is the only help available for the application, other
than contacting the author.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me their problematic data and
gave me suggestions. The software is being used by more
people (including people at the research centre where I'm
located) so more bugs are being reported and fixed so visit
this site periodically (or set up an RSS) for updates. As
always feel free to email me with problems or suggestion for

UPDATE: Thanks to Paul for letting me know that Genographer works under Mac OSX 10.5.2

Posted by Travis Banks 2008-05-01