Genode OS Framework release 12.11

The Genode developers are celebrating the self-hosting of their genuine operating system environment with a fresh release. On the bill are also OSS-based sound drivers, extended support for the TI OMAP4 and Freescale i.MX SoCs, and numerous stability and performance improvements concerning the underlying kernel platforms.

The most notable improvement from the perspective of a Genode developer is the ability to build Genode within the Genode environment leaving aside any virtualization. Therefore, we extended our UNIX-runtime environment named Noux to fit the requirements of a lot of tools involved in the build process (e.g., GCC, binutils, bash, and findutils). Furthermore, we extensively improved the support for OMAP4 SoC used in the famous Pandaboard. An accompanying article telling the adventure can be found here

On Linux, Genode now comes with a largely revisited platform support, which brings additional value when considering the implementation of a component-based system. Genode provides an API for inter-component communication but also solves tricky problems concerning the composition of components.

More details about Genode 12.11 can be found in the extensive release notes at

Posted by Christian Helmuth 2012-11-29