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#44 Header Note



Now when you have tested the Torture file, I can ask you to consider this.

The header contains a note, a description of the content of the GEDCOM file.
Genmod import it and also export it. But, where can we see that? Or even edit it?

As fare as I know, everybody is using the "News" block for giving a description or an "About this GEDCOM".

While the header contains this information there is no way to take advantage of that.
Not many programs are using it actually. To bad....

Why use the News block for this? A news is something like "A found my grandpa!" :)
And a description belongs within the GEDCOM file.

This and many other reasons are my explanation why we should use a common, what-ever torture file.
If something is missing from the torture file (MAP), than add it and just let us know where we can download it.

Real life GEDCOM's. There are no such thing! :)
A real life GEDCOM is no more than what a program allows.

Hence this feature request.

We can have a very, very, very loong discussion. But I do believe that this is the best thing to do.

About the zip file you had problem with.
One of the image was a screen dump of the ID 'PERSON1'.
That gives a mess on the individual page, because the second name structure.
Now, back to the real life GEDCOM. I could use the second name structure but I can use only what the program allows.

I have opened an account on the forum. Let me know if you wish to discuss this matter further. I could give you more examples :)


PS: In the torture file:
0 @M1@ OBJE
1 TITL Dummy Multimedia Object

This record is not imported. But this is an other matter.


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    Hi Im,

    I think it's a good idea to continue the discussion about this feature request and the test gedcom on the forum. That way others can also contribute!
    Can you copy/paste the text you entered in a new topic there?

    About not importing the object: you are right. Genmod ignores MM-records with BLOB content, as it is NOT supported. I added an error message if this occurs.