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generichid / News: Recent posts

Version 1.5 released.

  • Fix firmware bug leaving USB endpoint in unknown state after asking for initial IN report. This caused subsequent requests to fail until the USB endpoint cleared.
  • Tidy switching between Design and Test tabs.
  • Add some example configurations.
Posted by Frank Tkalcevic 2013-12-02

Version 1.4 released.

  • A minor bugfix for the teensy++ programming code prevented switching back to the device after programming. The workaround was to reconnect the device.
  • A rules file, 99-generichid.rules, is now installed when make install is run.
Posted by Frank Tkalcevic 2013-11-30

Version 1.3 is released!

This is a linux source code only release. You'll need to build it. Download and extract the .tgz file. Build details are in the file BUILD in the root directory.

This is source only because it was too time consuming to find and package all the shared libraries that needed to be deployed with the application.

There is no Windows release because I haven't got the code running with the new libusb-win32-1.0 library. This library supports the latest Windows OSes, but it is significantly different than the linux libusb-1.0 to make a cross platform version difficult. It also doesn't support installation as a generic USB interface without special steps by the user when installing.... read more

Posted by Frank Tkalcevic 2013-11-28

Version 1.2 Released

* Support for teensy++ 2.0 development board (http://www.pjrc.com/store/teensypp.html)
* Enhanced PWM channels from 8 to 7. (misunderstood Timer2)
* Configurable bits (1-16) for encoders
* Upgrade from MyUSB to the latest LUFA

Posted by Frank Tkalcevic 2010-04-18

GenericHID 1.1 Released

This release adds support for a custom graphics LCD as used in the CNC Lathe Pendant http://www.franksworkshop.com.au/CNC/LathePendant/LathePendant.htm

Posted by Frank Tkalcevic 2009-10-20