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Release 3.00 is available

New features
- statistics : add PDF report
- consanguinity : add PDF report
- geography : add selection on departement
- lists : add selection on departement
- index : add sub-menu "super cousins"
- menus :
add tree menu,graph menu
add selection on language, theme
add submenu defaut in admin menu
update all sub-menus titles
- consanguinity tree can be activated like other trees
- keep graphs sizes & years intervals by database
- generic : add text over symbols & menus
- generic : preserve the image proportions
- graphs : you can select a prize list size
- graphs : add selection without years intervals
- admin: add different defaults to display databases
- admin: add forms to manage your personal topography base
- generic : characters set is utf8 by default

- places graphs : sometimes wrong numbers in html graph
- lists : best management of non alphabetics characters (quote for example)

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-02-28