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GeneoTree v3.50 is available

New features
- Sources / Marriages : display notes
- Manage ip6 adresses
- Descendancy tree : add union by default when unions are not declared

- Individual index card : instability of width
- Ascendancy tree / special option : the marriage dates diplay in grey
- Descendancy pdf tree : manage number of generations

Best regards.


Posted by Damien POULAIN 2014-10-14

GeneoTree 3.42 is available

New features
- Compatiblity with Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox 20 & 21
- duplicate rows in consanginity tree are fixed
- setup.exe : geneotree server did not started when "Program files" directory is not default does not contain the geographic databases.


Posted by Damien POULAIN 2013-06-25

GeneoTree 3.41 is available

New features
- Compatibility with PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5
- Sources / Marriages : display original base for generic club base
- Add Wikipedia style

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2012-12-13

GeneoTree 3.34 is available

New features
- upload gedcom files with local installation
- better display of media and sources :
new picto sources in the list of actes
the list of sources can naviguate by pages
better titles in Excel exports
- descendancy tree : better performances and better Excel export (marriages array are integrated in main array)
- generic : better navigability (all clics are memorized)

- fix source search... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2011-01-13

GeneoTree 3.33 is available

This release can upload your gedcom files directly from your local computer to yout server, without ftp file transfert utilities.
Fixe a bug to import gramps gedcom file.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-10-17

GeneoTree 3.32 is available

This release can protect all GeneoTree pages with a password

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-09-20

Setup Windows is available

"GeneoTree 3.3 setup.exe" install automaticaly a local windows Geneotree.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-04-22

GeneoTree V3.31 is available

GeneoTree release 3.31 is compliant with all PHP, MySQL & GoogleEarth releases !
Not easy, but possible !
Last minute : a patch is available in Support/Patches.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-02-27

GeneoTree Release 3.30 is available

This release is compliant with PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.1 and GoogleEarth 2.2. Enjoy.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-01-30

Release 3.3 is coming next

GeneoTree 3.3 will be compliant with PHP 5.3

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2010-01-24

Release 3.20 is available

New features
- ascendant PDF : add a new report -> option Landscape
- installation : add a windows installation (Windows 2000 or higher)

- ascendant PDF : spouse name of first individual was wrong
- descendancy PDF : multi mariages wad badly displayed
- individual index : warning SQL was displayed when there was no evenement for a person
- graph : warning SQL was displayed when there was no places in the base

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-12-08

Release 3.2 is coming next

New search options on differents acts in the base.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-10-20

Release 3.11 is available

New features
- medias on evenements are available (displaying in individual index)
- gedcom : some Witness tags are available (displaying in individual index)
- administation : add an installation screen to configure more easily
- ascendancy tree : add a radio button "death/occupation"

- Cartography : Some french places was placed in a wrong departement
- Cartography : some places didn't displayed in google-earth bookmark
- Compare cousins : some results was not displayed
- Letters intervals : some intervals was returned no lines
- Gedcom : png thumbs was created with jpeg format !
- Geography : sql error message when geographic database was not loaded

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-07-20

Release 3.1 is available

New features
- Add a PDF Report ascendancy list
- Generic : mask acts less than hundred years old
- Generic : Excel exports where it is possible
- Generic : print option Letter/A4
- Generic : display males in blue & females in red
- Ascendancy tree PDF Report : add 3 choices "implexe", "All", "US Letter"
- Ascendancy tree PDF Report : add links in PDF report
- Index card : Sosa number is displaying... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-06-09

Release 3.1 is coming next

Main features :
- a new PDF Report (ascendancy list),
- new Excel exports,
- management of print format "Letter"
- etc....

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-06-02

Release 3.01 is available

Technical features
- best compatibility with many platforms

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-04-15

Release 3.00 is available

New features
- statistics : add PDF report
- consanguinity : add PDF report
- geography : add selection on departement
- lists : add selection on departement
- index : add sub-menu "super cousins"
- menus :
add tree menu,graph menu
add selection on language, theme
add submenu defaut in admin menu
update all sub-menus titles
- consanguinity tree can be activated like other trees
- keep graphs sizes & years intervals by database
- generic : add text over symbols & menus
- generic : preserve the image proportions
- graphs : you can select a prize list size
- graphs : add selection without years intervals
- admin: add different defaults to display databases
- admin: add forms to manage your personal topography base
- generic : characters set is utf8 by default... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2007-02-28

Release 2.60 is available

2.60 Merry Christmas
New features
- add a statistic menu
- longevity
- marriages (longest, shortest, youngest, oldest)
- parents (youngest, oldest)
- family (number of children, difference of ages, twins)
- opening Google Earth in ascendancy, descendancy, patronyms, places and last names lists
- patronyms, places and last names list PDF: add date intervals
- source : joker et multi word in source search
- themes : add wood theme
- geographic databases uploads : progression is display, without interruption when it is possible
- individual index cards pdf : titles in bold
- admin menu : better look... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-12-22

Release 2.60 is coming next

Christmas present : mapping with Google Earth for all trees and lists.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-12-06

Patch 2.54 Error connexion KO available

Correction for intempestive message Connection KO during upload gedcom.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-11-02

Release 2.52 is available

New features
- ascendancy PDF : add option 12 and 16 generations
- ascendancy tree : individual boxes are colored
- upload gedcom : display continue progression, without interruption when it is possible

- patronym, places & last name list : letters intervals sometimes false

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-10-17

Release 2.50 is available

New user features
- Add dynamic palmares charts for Names, Places & First Names
- Add palmares charts in Names, Places & First Names PDF Reports
- Add 133 new themes

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-09-03

Release 2.5 in September

New user features
- Add dynamic charts about Names, Places & First Names
- Add charts in Names, Places & First Names PDF Reports
- Add 131 new themes

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-08-02

Release 2.40 is available

New user features
- Add Names PDF report
- Add Places PDF report
- Add Last Names PDF report
- Add Sources PDF report
- Add Media PDF report
- Search function is integrate to "Sources" ("Search" menu has been deleted)
- Last name, first name & places lists : display total by item
- Menu : "Home" is now on the left of the screen
- Source : better response time for big bases... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-07-25

Release 2.4 is coming next

5 new PDF Reports : First Names, Last Names, Places, Sources and Media

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-07-23