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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Creator Created Labels Priority
10801 NTR: trans-Golgi network organization SGD open Diane Inglis 2 days ago New Term Request 5  
10800 OTR: Parents of GO:0005802 ! trans-Golgi network None open Jim Hu 3 days ago 5  
10799 TPV GO:0008612 peptidyl-lysine modification to hypusine None open Valerie Wood 4 days ago 5  
10798 TPV (via Matrix project) folic-acid containing compound biosynthetic process None open Valerie Wood 4 days ago 5  
10797 NTR:protein arginine phosphatase activity/peptidyl-arginine dephosphorylation FlyBase open David Osumi-Sutherland susantweedie 5 days ago New term request 5  
10774 changing my personal GOC:xref PARL-UCL open Paul Denny 6 days ago GOC:pd 5  
10773 flocculation and adhesion None open David Osumi-Sutherland Valerie Wood 6 days ago 5  
10772 ntr: isogloboside biosynthetic process MGI open Harold J. Drabkin Karen Christie 2014-04-11 5  
10770 MP GO:0052888 dihydroorotate oxidase (fumarate) activity None open Harold J. Drabkin Valerie Wood 2014-04-11 5  
10769 NTR: GO:0035064 methylated histone residue binding Uniprot open David Hill Lionel Breuza 2014-04-11 NTR: binding histone with specific methylation modifications 5  
10768 OTR:GO:0043093 ! cytokinesis by binary fission None open David Hill Jim Hu 2014-04-09 5  
10767 ntr:modulation by virus of host cell division None open Jane Lomax Jim Hu 2014-04-09 5  
10765 New term request_IRAK protein binding None open David Hill Mais Ammari 2014-04-08 5  
10764 NTR: response to nematocide WormBase open David Hill KM Van Auken 2014-04-07 5  
10756 SUMOylation - completing the cycle None open Paola Roncaglia Birgit Meldal 2014-04-02 Other term-related request, New term request, protein complex 5  
10754 OTR: Parents of GO:0046725_!_negative_regulation_of_viral_protein_levels_in_host_cell None open Jane Lomax Jim Hu 2014-04-02 viruses 5  
10750 regulation of transcription/gene expression 'involved in' terms None open Jane Lomax Jane Lomax 2014-04-01 obsoletion 5  
10749 NT: Archaeosine synthase activity & add to def of archaeosine-tRNA biosynthetic process None open Harold J. Drabkin Chris Mungall 2014-04-01 4  
10747 NTR for positive regulation of spinal cord association neuron differentiation by negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway. template based on GO:0090082 None open Paola Roncaglia Michael E Rice 2014-03-31 New term request, TG 5  
10745 discuss: part_of annotation for protein complexes with multiple functions None open Jane Lomax Birgit Meldal 2014-03-28 Other term-related request, protein complex 5  
10740 Taxon rule for 'gap junction' terms None open Paola Roncaglia Paola Roncaglia 2014-03-26 Taxon restriction 5  
10732 NTR: C8-CoA:malonyl-ACP condensing activity None open David Hill Jim Hu 2014-03-24 fatty acid biosynthesis 5  
10729 miRNA function terms BHF-UCL open Jane Lomax Ruth 2014-03-24 New Term Request, miRNA 5  
10728 GO:0043540 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-biphosphatase 1 complex None open Jane Lomax Birgit Meldal 2014-03-21 Other term-related request, protein complex 5  
10726 Add GO:0009790 "embryo development" to gocheck_do_not_annotate None open David Hill Chris Mungall 2014-03-20 development 5  
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