#248 CVS and FTP files appear out of sync.

Emily Dimmer


This is related to my previous request regarding improved linking to ftp addresses for files which appear to have become too large and follows a request from a user who needed an old version (3.540) of the process.ontology file.

This file is visible on the webCVS, however the user cannot download it due to its size.

However, directing the user to the ftp site doesn't resolve the issue as post-2006 versions of the ontology files are not visible/kept:


I realize that users must be strongly encouraged to move to the OBO format, but is there anyway of still providing a consistent set of downloads from the CVS and ftp sites for the older files?...even if it is decided that GOC will only have available a very limited set of archived ontology files (or none at all).



  • Chris Mungall
    Chris Mungall

    We can't support every possible download scenario without essentially duplicating the functionality of cvsweb ourselves. The user can install a cvs client and get any historic version of process.ontology that way. Or they can download oboedit and run obo2obo to convert anything from ontology-archive into the .ontology format. Or they can start abandoning the legacy format altogether, they should be strongly encouraged to do this, we will stop supporting it one day.

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date