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#137 Webcollaboration

Amina Abdulla
OBO-Edit (271)

Dear John,

I just spoke to Barry (Smith) in Budapest on the project we are developing in Belgium on an ontology for wound images. Because of the lack of device independent imaging, ontology seemed impossible. We developed a calibration technique making it possible to use wound images (from any digital camera) anywhere in the world and perform colorimetric and planimetric analysis on it. The next step should be to develop an ontology of wound images (1% of the population has a chronic wound). A problem is that the community of wound experts are localized around the world. The question is how we could use OBO edit in a webcollaborative fashion.

Thanks already for answering. Sorry for linguistic mistakes, I am dutch speaking.


Sven Van Poucke, MD
University Antwerp


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    Dear Sven,

    In the GO Consortium we are currently getting round this problem by having one person use obo-edit and everyone else watch via Webex, which is a desktop sharing programme. We have been communicating via skyp,e which we find to give excellent sound quality.

    Does that seems like a system that you could use?



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    I think this is a good solution for a closed community. If however an open community or a larger community develops the ontology, a double view could be an advantage: one with the actual ontology, one with your individual changes. Is somebody working on such an approach?


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    don't actually know what this was getting at, but it seems that other ontology tools will take up the slack