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#12 ECO - new term for imported data

Michele Magrane

Dear ECO developers,

UniProt is looking into the Evidence Code Ontology as a way of displaying evidences. Many of the ECO terms already cover our annotation processes and can be mapped to existing UniProt evidences. However, we can't find any suitable term to describe the importing of annotations from other databases. This is done by UniProt in 2 ways, automatically by programs and manually by curators.

A couple of examples of the kinds of imports that we would like to cover with these terms are:
- importing of information such as taxonomy and references from nucleotide sequence databases
- importing of gene or protein names from Model Organism Databases

Are there any existing ECO terms which could be used to describe this? If not, would it be possible to create terms to cover this?

We will probably have other cases which we can discuss by teleconference as suggested by Emily but were wondering if there's an easy resolution to this one.

Michele Magrane

UniProt Annotation Coordinator
EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute


  • Hello and thank you for your request. As currently no ECO term exists that conveys the meaning of the proposed term, one will be created. A discussion of this term occurred today via teleconference, and a proposal of the term has been emailed to participants for followup discussion. I will post any relevant followup comments here.