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GeneaPro / News: Recent posts

GeneaPro PreAlpha 0.0.6 File Release

The GeneaPro Project has just released the initial Pre-Alpha code base. This represents the general format and direction of the project as designs have been prototyped during the planning phase of the project. The major features to look for are the use of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), the use of Hibernate as a data persistance layer, and the inclusion of HSQLDB as an internal database, allowing GeneaPro to run standalone with only Java as a prerequisite on WIndows and Linux systems.... read more

Posted by Ed Ridpath 2004-12-15

GeneaPro first Pre-PreAlpha Source Code Release

A complete release of the source code in Eclipse ZIP export format is now available as a file release. This code provides only some simple database functions and prototyping the GUI to assist with the planning phase of the GeneaPro project. This code is probably of interest only to developers at this time, since it requires a full Java, Eclipse, and MySQL development environment to actually run the source code.

Posted by Ed Ridpath 2004-02-06

GeneaPro Project Kicks Off!

GeneaPro is now in the planning phase of very ambitious genealogical software project. The project starts with a commitment to be truly cross-platform, OS independent, multi-user, and Open Source. And to add to the challenge, implementing the rigorous and complex GenTech Genealogical Data Model, a feat which has not yet been performed by any commercial developers or open source.

While planning and design has just begun, some general directions and requirements have been developed. GeneaPro will be a Java Application using JDBC to access database functions and use SWT for the GUI. Development will be under the Eclipse IDE and of course is at the heart of the project management and administration support.... read more

Posted by Ed Ridpath 2003-12-16