ielister Log

Commit Date  
[62c9fa] by Avenger Avenger

added missing GPL files for Utilities

2006-01-11 17:37:49 Tree
[c230e5] by Avenger Avenger

ielister update

2006-01-10 21:13:52 Tree
[44660f] by Avenger Avenger

updated ielister with new fields, fixed a freeze bug in pst store listing

2005-12-28 18:01:35 Tree
[fc0da7] by Avenger Avenger

ielister update (added iwd2 qslots, and some other new fields)

2005-12-18 19:48:22 Tree
[a5ab64] by Avenger Avenger

Added IeLister to the Utilities (compiles on Win32 as a plugin for TotalCommander and on Linux as a command line tool - works with Midnight Commander)

2005-07-11 22:07:40 Tree
[996648] by Willem Jan Palenstijn Willem Jan Palenstijn

repository structure

2003-10-02 12:00:00 Tree