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1. (DONE) Run All creature scripts when the creatures are 'activated'. 

2. Run All area scripts not just the active areas.
Area scripts are queued, master areas get on the head of the queue, non-master areas get in the tail of the queue. See also: SetMasterArea action/mastarea.2da

3. (DONE) Fix script compiler to group string parameters depending on opcode

4. (DONE) TLK tags

5. fix loading of local variables of creatures (needs effect framework)

1. (DONE) Loading containers/items in areas
2. Dropping of items (first create an opcode)
2a. Render dropped items in area (ground icon)
3. Picking up an item (create opcode)
4. Equipping items
5. Equipped weapon range (create triggers)

1. Create base system for effect blocks (ED)
2. Implement effects

1. Implement cover (wallgroups)
2. (DONE) Fog of war
3. (DONE) Blocking doors
4. Don't load scripts for pile items? (research when a script is unused)

1. (PARTLY) fix char animation sequences
2. (DONE) animationfactory->one single palette

Window/Widget management:
- implement grabbing mouse pointer by a control to fix dragging of Float menu window

Known Bugs:
1. problem: Dialog options that are disabled by the trigger condition are still accessible via hotkey. (FIXED)

2. problem: reloading of an area doesn't check if it was already loaded, thus eating memory (FIXED)

3. problem: actors who have joined are still loaded by the area (duplicated). (FIXED)

4. problem: sound isn't working in movies (FIXED)

5. problem: stanceID is still fuzzy. Fix it. (FIXED?)

1. Use the character sheet (Actor.cpp) itself to store attributes of the character during character generation.
Benefits: data is already stored in the destination, data constraints and relations are easily implemented.
How to: replace GemRB.SetVar with GemRB.SetPlayerStat. Don't forget to create the character first.

- make tool to scan GUIScript.cpp and parse function comments. compute hashes of them and compare them to hashes stored in gemrb/docs/en/GUIScript/*.txt - if hashes differ, the description in GUIScript.cpp has been updated and the *.txt should be updated as well (ED, DONE)

- fix include paths during compilation, so the files do not use #include "../../Core/something.h" etc.

- various directories (GemRB override, game override ...) should be resolved right after loading config files and remain static afterwards. Maybe define some PATH variable describing all the directories searched for files