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GemRB v0.2.3 (2005-02-13):
  New features:
    - GUI for most of the games, especially interactive Inventory and Spellbook
    - Map and WorldMap
    - Load screen interstitials with progress bar
    - Spell and item cache to speed up object management
    - Added gamescript actions/triggers 
    - Selection of spells during character generation
    - First attempt on effects code
    - First attempt on Fog-Of-War
    - Tooltips
    - Overhead text
    - Ambient sounds
    - Volume control
    - Manual page gemrb(1)
    - Documentation for GemRB Python API and our custom override files

  Improved features:
    - Character generation
    - GUI
    - Build infrastructure on Linux and Un*x systems
    - Progress towards portability to 64 bit and big endian machines
    - Many bugfixes and new bugs as well ;-)
    - Shortened version numbers
    - Simplified user configuration, game specific settings are now
      in gemrb/override dir