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gemrb Log

Commit Date  
[ab24a1] by Avenger Avenger

we are in 2009 ;)

svn-id: r6098

2009-05-25 17:05:17 Tree
[9c0cff] by Jaka Kranjc Jaka Kranjc

added missing license headers

svn-id: r6097

2009-05-25 11:40:17 Tree
[f722db] by Jaka Kranjc Jaka Kranjc

[2579743] added RPM spec file by jbmetz and updated it to the imminent 0.4.0
also updated the lsm spec

svn-id: r6096

2009-05-25 10:32:31 Tree
[203ce3] by Avenger Avenger

a little? cleanup - always use the right weapon slot
also - ranged misses will still create an 'empty' projectile

svn-id: r6095

2009-05-24 22:15:21 Tree
[f3c362] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

fix bg2 portrait talk icon display/updates

svn-id: r6094

2009-05-24 17:57:41 Tree
[3aa456] by Zefklop Zefklop

revert part of 6091. It was useless, meaning "why did I write some code that was never reached?"

svn-id: r6093

2009-05-24 17:46:47 Tree
[4806b1] by Zefklop Zefklop

Use correct animations with slings and crossbows.

svn-id: r6092

2009-05-24 16:50:16 Tree
[b733d9] by Zefklop Zefklop

Do launch projectiles with arrows.
Breaking a stacked item will unstack it, and it will break if there is nothing left :)
Untested with crossbows and slings, anyway this is still a big WIP.

svn-id: r6091

2009-05-24 16:02:20 Tree
[366ac3] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

another overhead text fix

svn-id: r6090

2009-05-24 12:19:31 Tree
[ad59b3] by Avenger Avenger

cleaned up stat maximum values (fixes minorglobe stat bits)

svn-id: r6089

2009-05-24 12:18:17 Tree
[cc6632] by Avenger Avenger

added missing stats to stats.ids

svn-id: r6088

2009-05-24 11:51:17 Tree
[118e5b] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

fixes for openal movie audio

svn-id: r6087

2009-05-24 11:50:54 Tree
[22eacd] by Avenger Avenger

use the first cycle for all orientations in
vvc's with single cycle bam whose FaceTarget field is set to 0x10

svn-id: r6086

2009-05-24 09:58:30 Tree
[d4448d] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

draw actor overhead text after fog

svn-id: r6085

2009-05-23 22:58:04 Tree
[bf18e2] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

better implementation of DS_AREA

svn-id: r6084

2009-05-23 22:43:23 Tree
[534d5f] by Marshall Mattingly III Marshall Mattingly III

can't remove profs in levelup now

svn-id: r6083

2009-05-23 20:56:05 Tree
[8f61e4] by Avenger Avenger

fixed some IsDraggingItem mess (portrait dragging returns 2)

svn-id: r6082

2009-05-23 20:44:29 Tree
[260b24] by Avenger Avenger

2 more missing guiscript functions

svn-id: r6081

2009-05-23 20:14:39 Tree
[abf18e] by Avenger Avenger

updated news

svn-id: r6080

2009-05-23 19:48:18 Tree
[a1cdf4] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

fix comment in BAMImporter

svn-id: r6079

2009-05-23 19:44:51 Tree
[3e1668] by Avenger Avenger

display the talk icon on the portrait of the speaker PC

svn-id: r6078

2009-05-23 19:38:50 Tree
[0b419c] by Avenger Avenger

detect stores

svn-id: r6077

2009-05-23 19:24:23 Tree
[c2e0b3] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

more bg2 portrait icon work

svn-id: r6076

2009-05-23 19:16:48 Tree
[b82bdc] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

rename another conflicting variable, oops

svn-id: r6075

2009-05-23 18:42:32 Tree
[ccf7f6] by Alyssa Milburn Alyssa Milburn

pad portrait button text with newlines

svn-id: r6074

2009-05-23 18:39:28 Tree
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