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Diff of /FileExtract.cpp [f4f845] .. [50c14b] Maximize Restore

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--- a/FileExtract.cpp
+++ b/FileExtract.cpp
@@ -368,6 +368,7 @@
   if(readonly) res|=OFN_READONLY;
   itemname="new ";
   CMyFileDialog m_getfiledlg(TRUE, cbf_or_sav?"cbf":"sav", makeitemname(cbf_or_sav?".cbf":".sav",cbf_or_sav+2), res, szFilter);
+  m_getfiledlg.m_ofn.nFilterIndex = 1;
   m_getfiledlg.m_ofn.lpstrTitle="Which archive to uncompress from?";
   if( m_getfiledlg.DoModal() == IDOK )