#8 seg fault on initialisation

Suggs bill

I did a cvs update

I then did a 'make distclean' followed by

aclocal;autoconf;automake;./setup.sh /home/grahame/GemRB

and finally a make install

Everything compiles and installs fine (aside from me
having the make symlinks to the plugins). There are a
few warnings during the compile which I can cut 'n'
paste in later if required but no showstopping errors.

However when I cd to ~/GemRB and try to do ./gemrb
(after setting up the GemRB.cfg file) I get a load of
plugin loaded messages and then this:

[Core]: Fonts Loaded...[OK]
[Core]: Initializing the Event Manager...[OK]
[Core]: BroadCasting Event Manager...[OK]
[Core]: Initializing Window Manager...[OK]
'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
[Core]: Initializing GUI Script Engine...[ERROR]
Segmentation fault


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    The paths in the GemRB.cfg file must end with a Path

    / for linux/unix users
    \ for Windows users

    check the GUIScriptsPath in the GemRB.cfg. It must point to
    the Directory containing the GUIScript directory. Usually it is
    the same as GemRBPath.

    Do not use ~ (tilde) in Paths. Always use Absolute Paths.

  • Suggs bill
    Suggs bill

    • status: pending-works-for-me --> open-works-for-me
  • Suggs bill
    Suggs bill

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    Hmm I looked at that and it seems to be ok. I have attached
    my cfg file for you to check.

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    can you enter the IRC Channel? I suspect some Path
    misconfiguration regarding Python Libs called by an external
    program.... but I'm not sure.
    The 'import site' failed is something making me think that
    Python cannot find its libraries when called by GemRB.

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