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#175 CombatCounter broken

GamePlay (136)
Alyssa Milburn

Our implementation of CombatCounter is incorrect. It should be triggered for every possible-combat actions and count down from a value (IESDP says 150, real value is perhaps nearer 100) until it reaches 0.

See devSin's commentary at


  • Alyssa Milburn
    Alyssa Milburn

    I tested this in bg2 (patched ToB). It resets itself to somewhere between 140 and 150 (the IESDP's 150 would seem the right answer, given this) whenever melee combat is started (eg, when you click on an enemy) or after a few(?) seconds of combat (it doesn't seem related to round time, proximity to the actor, hitting or attacks). It stops resetting itself when the combat is stopped. It also increments itself to a low value (I think below 30) when dialog is attempted, whether successful or not - this is when the actual dialog attempt happens, not when the click happens. I can't get it to change at all for spellcasting, whether hostile or not.