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Translation forum

  • If you have a translation for Gelide or any suggestion, this is the place to publish it

  • How i can translate this?

  • Hi,
    You simply have to translate the strings that appear in the file gelide.pot that you can find in the po directory of the tarball. You can do it with any text editor, but our advice is to use a po file editor, such as PoEdit or GTranslator. Once you have completed the translation, you can send it to me by mail to gelide.prj AT gmail.com
    It will be added to Gelide as soon as we can.

    To compile Gelide with a new languaje file (for example spanish es_ES), you have to do this:
    1.- Copy your es_ES.po file to the po directory.
    2.- Add "es_ES" to the file "po/LINGUAS" (please, keep it in alphabetical order)
    3.- Configure and build Gelide as always (./configure, make, make install).

    You have to take one thing in account, If you has launched Gelide before add your translation, probably you have some description of systems and emulators saved in English (this is something I have to correct). If you wants your Gelide instalation fully translated, delete your "~/.gelide" directory, this is the direct way (and the way I recommend), but also if you wants to keep your games list and configuration,  you can delete these files:
    ~/.gelide/systems.gsl    This is where your systems' setings are saved.
    ~/.gelide/SYSTEM_NAME/emulators.gel   This is where your emulators' setings for the system SYSTEM_NAME are saved.


  • ok, thanks

  • Hi, I saw that the german translation is not complete, so i did it myself. I also corrected a few typos and some other inconsistent stuff.
    You can download it there: http://www.multiupload.com/SYNYVWLOZU

    And thanks for this great piece of software. keep the good work on.

    cheers chris

  • Thank you very much Chris.
    One question, is this for Gelide 0.1.5 or 0.1.3?, I ask this because in the po file says 0.1.3.


  • Oh sorry, it seems that I uploaded the false file :/
    Here's the right one: http://www.multiupload.com/1HRGF2S1BF
    It is for Gelide 0.1.5 for sure.


  • Thank you very much Chris.