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   Due to the rather complex nature of current Wii homebrew, GeeXboX for Wii is now released as two different versions: GeeXboX for Wii (IOS) and GeeXboX for Wii (MINI). They both require a homebrew-enabled Wii to run, but the later also requires Team Twiizers's MINI firmware to be installed and should be launched from Bootmii (visit http://www.bootmii.org for details). The IOS version of GeeXboX for Wii lacks support for native wifi and DVD; the MINI version supports native wifi, high-speed USB (USB 2.0), and native DVD.
-  This is GeeXboX for Wii (MINI) version #APPVERSION#. This version updates linux kernel to using gc-linux team's MIKE p5 patchset, which also includes newly introduced experimental support for native DVD drive on Wii. Please note that such support currently does not work with (at least some) modchips and it seems that only DVD-R and pressed media are readable.
+  This is GeeXboX for Wii (MINI) version #APPVERSION#.
+#RELEASEDATE#:  #APPVERSION#. Routine release.
+           Update linux to;
+           Update ffmpeg to r21465;
+           Update MPlayer to r30437;
+           Fix compatibility with certain charset encodings.
 20091225:  0.1beta2. Feature improvement release.
            Update linux to;