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Read Me

##                            Geeqie 1.0                         ##
##                                                               ##
##              Copyright (C) 2008 - 2010 The Geeqie Team        ##
##              Copyright (C) 1999 - 2006 John Ellis.            ##
##                                                               ##
##                      Use at your own risk!                    ##
##                                                               ##
##  This software released under the GNU General Public License. ##
##       Please read the COPYING file for more information.      ##

This is Geeqie, a successor of GQview.

Geeqie has been forked from GQview project, because it was not 
possible to contact gqview author and the only maintainer. 
Geeqie projects goal is to move the development forward and 
also integrate the existing patches.

Geeqie is currently in beta state. All planed features for 1.0 are implemented,
but there are bugs. Please report any crash or odd behavior to the bugtracker:

For more info see:

Vladimir Nadvornik
Petr Ostadal

Please send any question or suggestions to

======== README contents:

    * Requirements
    * Notes and changes for this release
    * Installation
    * Description / Features
    * Documentation (keyboard shortcuts)
    * Editor command macros
    * Additional comments
    * Translation status
    * Credits

======== Requirements

  Required libraries:
    GTK+ 2.??.x:
FIXME: determine realistic requirements.
It compiles with GTK 2.10, but some features are disabled and the testing was
minimal. Please report success or  falilures.

  Optional libraries:
    lcms, for color management support:
        (disable with configure option: '--without-lcms')
    exiv2, for enhanced exif support:
        (disable with configure option: '--without-exiv2')
        - due to fast development, newer versions work significantly better
        FIXME: minimal version ?
    lirc, for remote control support:
    	(disable with configure option: '--disable-lirc')
    libchamplain - experimental map support, dissabled by default
        WARNING: this library has a lot of dependencise
======== Notes and changes for this release            [section:release_notes]


  Code hackers:

    If you plan on making any major changes to the code that will be offered
    for inclusion to the main source, please contact us first - so that we
    can avoid duplication of effort. 
                                                         The Geeqie Team

  Known bugs:

    see the Geeqie Bug Tracker at TODO file.

======== Installation

  Compilation: ./configure ; make
  General install: make install
  Removal: make uninstall

======== Description / Features

  Geeqie is a graphics file viewer. Basic features:

    - Single click image viewing / navigation.
    - Zoom functions.
    - Thumbnails, with optional caching and .xvpics support.
    - Multiple file selection for move, copy, delete, rename, drag and drop.
    - Drag and drop.
    - Slideshow.
    - Full screen.
    - Ability to open images in external editors (configurable).
    - Collections.
    - Comparison of images to find duplicates by name, size, date,
      dimensions, or image content similarity.
    - EXIF support.

======== Documentation (brief)                         [section:documentation]

This sections lists default hotkeys. Most of the hotkeys can be redefined 
in the Preferences dialog.

  Keyboard commands:
    [PageDown], [Keypad PageDown]      next image
    [PageUp], [Keypad PageUp]          previous image
    [Home], [Keypad Home]              first image in list
    [End], [Keypad End]                last image in list
    [Tab]                              tab completion in path entry window
    [Escape]                           cancel completion in path entry window

  Keyboard commands valid when image has focus (image has black rectangle)
    arrow keys, [Keypad arrows]        pan image
    [Shift] - arrow keys               pan image faster
    [Space]                            next image
    [Backspace] , B                    previous image

  File menu related:
    [Ctrl] - N                         new window
    C                                  new empty collection
    O                                  open collection
    D                                  open a Find Duplicates window
    [Shift]- P                         open Print dialog
    [Ctrl] - F                         new folder
    [Ctrl] - C                         copy file
    [Ctrl] - M                         move file
    [Ctrl] - R                         rename file
    [Ctrl] - D, [Delete]               delete file
    [Ctrl] - W                         close window
    [Ctrl] - Q                         exit Geeqie

  Edit menu related:
    1 .. 6                             toggle mark
    [Ctrl] - 1..6                      select mark
    [Ctrl] - A                         select all files
    [Ctrl] - [Shift] - A               unselect all files
    [Ctrl] - P                         display image properties window
    [Ctrl] - O                         configure Options
    ]                                  rotate image clockwise
    [                                  rotate image counterclockwise
    [Shift] - R                        rotate image 180 degrees
    [Shift] - M                        mirror image (horizontal)
    [Shift] - F                        flip image (vertical)
    [Shift] - G                        grayscale image

  View menu related:
    +, =, [Keypad +]                   zoom in
    -, [Keypad -]                      zoom out
    Z, [Keypad /]                      zoom to original size
    X, [Keypad *]                      zoom to fit within window
    W                                  zoom to fit width of window
    H                                  zoom to fit height of window
    T                                  toggle thumbnails in list view
    [Ctrl] - L                         display files as list view
    [Ctrl] - I                         display files as icon view
    [Ctrl] - T                         toggle tree view of directories
    R                                  refresh list
    L                                  (Un)float file selection area
    [ctrl] - H                         (Un)hide file selection area
    [Ctrl] - K                         toggle sidebar with EXIF or keywords
    [Ctrl] - E                         show EXIF window
    [Ctrl] - S                         toggle sort manager sidebar
    F, V                               toggle full screen
    S                                  toggle slide show
    P                      	       (Un)pause slideshow
    [Ctrl] - V                         display current image in new window

  Collection windows:

    arrows, [Keypad arrows]            move selection
    [Shift] + arrows                   select multiple images
    [Ctrl] + arrows                    move without changing selection
    [Space]                            select only image with focus
    [Ctrl] + [Space]                   toggle selection of image with focus
    [Home], [Keypad Home]              move focus to top of images
    [End], [Keypad End]                move focus to end of images
      (shift and ctrl work with Home, End, PageUp/Down as with arrows)
    [Ctrl] - A                         select all images
    [Ctrl] - [Shift] - A               unselect all images

    [Delete], [Keypad Delete]          remove selected images from collection
                                       (does not delete file)
    [Ctrl] - L                         add images from main window file list

    [Ctrl] - T                         toggle display of icon filename text

    N                                  sort collection by name
    D                                  sort collection by date
    B                                  sort collection by size (bytes)
    P                                  sort collection by location (path)
    I (*)                              sort collection by name numerically
                                   (file1 file10 file2 -> file1 file2 file10)

    [Enter], [Keypad Enter]            view image with focus in main window
    V                                  view image with focus in new window

    S                                  save collection
    [Ctrl] - S                         save collection as...
    A                                  append to collection...

    [Shift] - P                        print selected images...

    [Ctrl] - C                         copy selected files...
    [Ctrl] - M                         move selected files...
    [Ctrl] - R                         rename selected files...
    [Ctrl] - D                         delete selected files

    [Ctrl] - P                         display image properties window

    [Ctrl] - W                         close window

  Find Duplicates window:

    [Ctrl] - A                         select all images
    [Ctrl] - [Shift] - A               unselect all images
    1                                  select group 1 duplicates
    2                                  select group 2 duplicates

    [Ctrl] - L                         add images from main window file list
    C                                  add selected images to new collection

    [Delete], [Keypad Delete]          remove selected images from list
    [Ctrl] - [Delete]                  clear window

    [Enter], [Keypad Enter]            view image with focus in main window
    V                                  view image with focus in new window
    [Ctrl] - 1 .. 0                    open selected image(s) in editor

    [Ctrl] - C                         copy selected files...
    [Ctrl] - M                         move selected files...
    [Ctrl] - R                         rename selected files...
    [Ctrl] - D                         delete selected files

    [Ctrl] - P                         display image properties window

    [Ctrl] - W                         close window

  Pan View:

    [Ctrl] - F, /                      show search bar
    [Ctrl] - G                         repeat previous search

  (*) This is a compile time option enabled when strverscmp is found.

  Mouse image control:

    Button 1                           view next image
    Button 2                           view previous image
    Button 3                           context menu

    Button 1 drag                      scroll/pan image
    Button 2 drag                      initiate drag and drop

    Wheel up/down                      change to previous/next image
    Wheel up/down + [Shift]            scroll image up/down
    Wheel up/down + [Control]          zoom image in/out

======== Editor command macros                               [section:editors]

Editors are configured via standard desktop files, see

======== Overlay Info                                        [section:overlay]

Overlay info format string syntax is: %tag[:max_length][:extra]%

  %name%       Filename of the picture.
  %collection% Name of the collection
  %number%     Current number of image in the list
  %total%      Total number of images
  %date%       File date
  %size%       File size
  %width%      Image width
  %height%     Image height
  %res%        Image resolution
  %keywords%   Image keywords from metadata
  %comment%    Image comment from metadata

  To access exif data use the exif name:
  %Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal%	Date of the original shot

  Pre-formatted exif data is also available:
  formatted.Camera              Camera and sofware name
  formatted.DateTime            Image Date
  formatted.ShutterSpeed        Shutter speed in seconds (ie. 1/60s)
  formatted.Aperture            Aperture (ie. f5.6)
  formatted.ExposureBias        Exposure bias (ie. +0.3)
  formatted.ISOSpeedRating      ISO sensitivity (ie. 100)
  formatted.FocalLength         Focal length
  formatted.FocalLength35mmFilm Focal length 35mm
  formatted.SubjectDistance     Subject distance
  formatted.Flash               Flash
  formatted.Resolution          Resolution
  formatted.ColorProfile        Color profile
  formatted.GPSPosition		GPS position
  formatted.GPSAltitude		GPS altitude

  You can limit the length of displayed data using :number notation:
  %formatted.Camera:20% will truncate the displayed data to 20 characters
  and will add 3 dots at the end to denote the truncation.

  If two or more variables are connected with the |-sign, it prints available
  variables with a separator:
  could show:
    "1/20s - 400 - 80 mm"
    "1/200 - 80 mm" if there's no ISO information in the Exif data.

  If a line is empty, it is removed.
  This allows to add lines that totally disappear when no data is available.

  Extra string uses special character '*' to mark the position of the data.
  If no '*' is present, then extra string is just appended to data.
  Any "\n" is replaced by a newline on display.
  Pango mark up is accepted in left and right parts.
  If data is empty, nothing will be displayed.

  "%name:<i>*</i>\n%" -> name is displayed in italics ended with a newline
  "%size:\n%"         -> size is displayed with a newline at end
  "%formatted.ISOSpeedRating:ISO *%"      -> ie. "ISO 100"
  "Collection <b>*</b>\n" -> display collection name in bold prefixed by
                             "Collection " and a newline is appended

======== Credits                                             [section:credits]


     Grzegorz Kowal <>
     Zbigniew Chyla <>
     Emil Nowak <>
     Wit Wilinski <>
         for Polish translation

     Christopher R. Gabriel <>
     Di Maggio Salvatore <>
     Costantino <>
         for Italian translation

     Sandokan <>
     Ivan Priesol <>
     Mgr. Peter Tuharsky <>
         for Slovak translation

     Rodrigo Sancho Senosiain <>
     Ariel Fermani <>
         for Spanish translation

     Laurent Monin <>
     Eric Lassauge <>
     Jean-Pierre Pedron <>
     Pascal Bleser <>
     Nicolas Boos <>
     Nicolas Bonifas <>
         for French translation

     Fâtih Demir <>
         for Turkish translation

     Kam Tik <>
     Abel Cheung <>
     S.J. Luo <>
         for Traditional Chinese (Big5) translation

     Junichi Uekawa <>
     Oleg Andrjushenko <>
     Michael Bravo <>
     Sergey Pinaev <>
         for Russian translation

     Guilherme M. Schroeder <>
     Vitor Fernandes <>
     Herval Ribeiro de Azevêdo <>
         for Brazilian Portuguese translation

     Shingo Akagaki <>
     Yuuki Ninomiya <>
     Sato Satoru <>
     Takeshi AIHANA <>
         for Japanese translation

     Matthias Warkus <>
     Thomas Klausner <>
     Danny Milosavljevic <>
     Ronny Steiner <>
     Klaus Ethgen <>
         for German translation

     Matej Erman <>
         for Slovene translation

     MÃtyÃs Tibor <>
     Koblinger Egmont <>
     Sári Gábor <>
         for Hungarian translation

     Wu Yulun <>
     Charles Wang <>
         for simplified Chinese translation

     H.J.Visser <>
     Tino Meinen <>
         for Dutch translation

     Lauri Nurmi <>
         for Finnish translation

     Ilmar Kerm <>
         for Estonian translation

     Volodymyr M. Lisivka <>
         for Ukrainian translation

     Birger Langkjer <>
         for Danish translation

     Torgeir Ness Sundli <>
         for Norwegian translation

     Jan Raska <>
     Michal Bukovjan <>
         for Czech translation

     Phanumas Thanyaboon <>
         for Thai translation

     Harald Ersch <>
         for Romanian translation

     pclouds <>
         for Vietnamese translation

     Tedi Heriyanto <>
         for Indonesian translation

     Vladimir Petrov <>
         for Bulgarian translation

     Hans Öfverbeck <>
         for Swedish translation

     Youssef Assad <>
         for Arabic translation <>
         for Catalan translation

     Hyun-Jin Moon <
         for Korean translation

     Pavel Piatruk <>
         for Belarusian translation

     Piarres Beobide <>
         for Basque translation

     Antonio C. Codazzi <>
         for Esperanto translation

 Fixes, additions, and patches:

     Eric Swalens
     Quy Tonthat
         for initial Exif support.

     Daniel M. German <dmgerman at>
         for Canon raw image support.

     Lars Ellenberg
         for Fujifilm raw image support.

     Diederen Damien <>
         for .xvpics thumbnail reading support.

     Nick Rusnov <>
     Ryan Murray <>
         for man page.

     Martin Pool <>
         for sort by number, misc. improvements.

     Jörg Mensmann <>
         for Xinerama support patch.

     Vadim Shliakhov
         for miscellaneous fixes.

     Uwe Ohse
         for Exif enhancements, histogram and other patches

     Timo Horstschäfer
         for customizable fullscreen overlay
     Michael Mokeev
         for print related enhancements
     Carles Pina i Estany
         for copy path to clipboard patch
     Kjell Morgenstern
         for random slide show speedup patch

     Klaus Ethgen <>
         for GPS integration, Search enhancement and other patches

         Thanks to the users for finding Geeqie useful.