#21 GIF animation support

Dimitar Kavlakov

For many years GIF animations are the only reason that forces me to have another image viewer installed. If adding support for them in geeqie is possible without sacrificing it's speed and bloating it with many new dependencies it will be great.


  • It is not aligned with the main goal of the project so it has a low priority for me.

    It should not be however that hard to add. The pixbuf loader library supports animations too,
    so it needs "just" to solve all the issues with caching and read-ahead.

    Patches are welcome ;)

  • god, will gqview/geeqie ever support this?
    Why do we have to switch to another program to watch gif files all the time?

    This is the __only__ new feature we need from geeqie.

  • Nadvornik, you said that gif support wasn't aligned with the main goal of the project, but I don't see how it isn't. I mean gqview/geeqie is an image viewer, right? That means that it should able to view as many image formats as possible correctly, which it isn't doing with gif files. Please someone add this feature. It's pretty much the only reason I have another image viewer installed on my computer.

  • haarp

    It's now 2013. Any chance this could finally be implemented?

  • Ever since the patent protection on GIF ran out (and due to the increase in animated memes), GIF has seen a continuous increase in general use.

    No idea if activity on this ticket translates to increased chance of it getting done, but I can try :)

  • laley

    +1 vote for gif animation support

  • FYI, the last commit to this repo happened on 2011-01-14 and I can't find any alternative upstream.

    Geeqie has released 1.1 on 2012-08-13.

    I suspect there will not be a lot of activity on this, or other, bugs :/


  • Pander

    Meanwhile animated GIF has made a huge comeback and geeqie should support this in order to effectively manage image collections.

    An option could be added to play the animation (image and thumbnail) or not and show the first frame but with an icon overlay on the image and the thumbnail to indicate you are dealing with an animated gif and not a normal gif.

  • Simon Dedman
    Simon Dedman

    +1 for this also, but sounds like it won't happen :(