#204 Geeqie 1.1 stalls for 10+ seconds when opening a collection

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Stephan Sokolow

I just upgraded to Lubuntu 14.04, which provides Geeqie 1.1, and now, when opening a collection, Geeqie freezes for 10+ seconds before the window appears.

As far as I can tell from strace's output, somewhere between Geeqie 1.0 and 1.1, it started doing a huge enough flood of stat() calls to freeze the UI while it's waiting on the filesystem.

I can't offer you the collection in question, since there's sensitive stuff in the filenames, but it contains 633 images and here are some telling details about the strace output:

ssokolow@monolith ~ % grep stat( statlog.txt | wc -l
ssokolow@monolith ~ % grep stat( statlog.txt | sort | uniq | wc -l

My best guess is that, somehow, Geeqie 1.1 is statting everything in the parent folders of the images in the collection and doing the exact same stat calls over 30 times each.

(And, remember, this is between picking a collection from the MRU list and having the window appear)

Since responsiveness is the whole reason I use Geeqie, I grabbed the Geeqie 1.0 .debs from the Ubuntu 12.04 repos and opted out of package upgrades.

(Doing so also fixed the other bug I already reported and the crasher I'm about to report as soon as I generate a backtrace on it)