#190 Find duplicates window update regression

Michael Schwendt

There is some regression in Geeqie 1.1 compared with 1.0:

1.) open "File > Find duplicates ..." window
2.) drag a folder, which contains a few test duplicate files, into the window
3.) select one file of a pair of dupes
4.) choose "Delete..." via right-click menu, or press Ctrl+D
5.) in the "Delete files?" dialog, choose the "Delete" button

What happens? The file gets deleted, but the "Find duplicates" window isn't updated. The file remains in the list of dupes. Similarly for the "Rename..." action. The new file name is not displayed automatically (only after rechecking manually via the "Compare by" box).

In Geeqie 1.0, after deleting the file, the corresponding entry in the "Find duplicates" window disappears automatically.


  • What happens is that dupe.c dupe_notify_cb() gets called with a NULL fd->change value, which results in an early return.

    Reverting the change in filedata.c file_data_send_notification(), the problem is gone, ... hmmm ...


  • 2013-11-03

    I'm getting this too. Makes the duplicate search pretty hard to use effectively. (Ubuntu 13.10, 1:1.1-7 from official Saucy repo)

    How should I apply that change manually?


  • 2013-11-03


  • Paul E Johnson
    Paul E Johnson

    I confirm the patch here applies cleanly on Debian Wheezy's packing for geeqie and it fixes the problem I reported as http://sourceforge.net/p/geeqie/bugs/193/