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Beta 1.0

Switched to Subversion source control. CVS will no longer be updated, and has been disabled from the project page.

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2007-04-06

Home page

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2006-11-13

Updated source and documents

The new "Scripting Geeny.html" document now offers a more detailed and in-depth specification of scripting features. The old document ("Scripting Geeny.rtf") is no longer valid, as the source code itself has been updated according to the new specs.

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2006-03-20

Scripting feature: objects as arrays

I have added a new feature to the script interpreter. Any database object is now also an array (making the future fate of the container object questionable).

A database object is an array of all its properties. Examples follow:

ATOM $.propatom = 'atom'
INTEGER $.propint = 10
FLOAT $.propfloat = 1.5

if $[1] == 'atom' .... //TRUE
if $[2] == 10 //TRUE
$[3] = 2.3

if pname($, 1) == 'propatom'
pname($, 1, 'propint') //two props are now named propint!!!!
pdeclare($, 1, 'INTEGER')
$[1] = 444
pname($, 3, 'heck')
pdeclareset($, 2, 50, 'ATOM')
$.heck = 'atom' //$[3] = 'atom'
$[33] = 'atom'
$[51] = 'atom' // nothing happens
$[12] = 0 // $[12] = '' does not become INTEGER
if $[33] == 'atom' // TRUE
presize($, 32)
$[33] = 'atom' //nothing happens, item 33 no longer exists
endif... read more

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2005-07-23


We have ported the xeeny engine to SDL library. The library files itself are not part of the project, and the dsp needs to be set up so that the sdl include folder is part of the include path.

So far, we have ported the display, input, framework and time modules. The sound is still disfunctional, SoundNull is used for the time being.

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2005-07-19

Alpha binaries download

For Win32 (>=W2K). Here:

Have fun. ;)

Posted by Zibbo Florenzano 2005-07-15