#39 Improve toolbar hook

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Yannick Voglaire

Part of an email to m_zeising concerning the live preview:

2) It would be good to add some widgets to the toolbar to show the zoom
status (Percentage, or Fit width, Fit page) and allow to change it, and
to show the page number and allow to change it.
I looked at your code for the toolbar, and I think I understood that you
wrote some abstract way to add items to the toolbar, but only for
"simple" items like buttons or menus. Would it be easy to add more
complex widgets ? Or should I add them manually (I mean, without using
your classes, and directly manipulating the gtk.Toolbar) ?

3) This is related to the previous question, but not to the live
preview, so if you prefer, I can post this on the tracker (a similar
request is there already).
If more complex widgets could be added to the toolbar, it would be great
to add something like in many latex editors: a dropdown list with the
available tools and a button to activate the chosen one.
If you agree with this idea but don't have time, I can try to do it if
you want.

4) Still related to the toolbar. What do you think about this
proposition: instead of putting the LaTeX toolbar just under the normal
gedit toolbar, the former could be put _in_ the edit tab.
This would have a few advantages: 1) the position of the tabs would not
change when switching from a latex file to a normal file, and 2) a
"preview" toolbar could be added to the preview panel, without taking
the height of two toolbars, and clearly separating the latex and preview
But perhaps this would more memory consuming, as maybe there should then
be one toolbar per tab... ?


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