#25 many command are not known by the latex-aware spellchecker


this is using 0.2 alpha 1, and I noticed that e.g. \includegraphics

and many more are not yet known by the spellchecker. is there a simple way to add those commands?


  • Hi Atreju,

    just to be sure that we're talking about the same thing: are the command names ('includegraphics' etc.) marked by the spell checker or their arguments ('{...}')? It's because the spell checker may not decide which arguments contain natural language and which don't. Generally, every command known by the code completion (see file commands.xml) should be excluded.


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  • Screenshot showing the ill-behaving spellcheck.

  • Hi Michael,

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation the last two weeks.

    I'll attach a screenshot that shows some of the things going wrong for clarification, I hope that helps. My latex source is split into different files, and funnily enough the spellcheck seems to so ill-behaving only in the 'main' file. (Of course the preamble is also where the concentration of latex commands is highest, so I'm not sure it really wouldn't appear in the other files.)

    If there's more I can do to track down the issue I'd be happy to help.


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  • Hi atreju,

    thanks for the screenshot, yes, there's definitely something going wrong here. I guess that the spell checker markers from all child files are overlayed in the main file. I'll check on that. Thanks again for your help!


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