#24 multiple latex source files are not handled for refernces


The issue I am referring to is as follows:
I have a rather big latex project, split up into several files which are combinged using the latex \input command. However, the automatic code completion in \ref{} commands only offers labels defined within the file I have currently opened, not those defined in other files within the project. (both in and 0.2 alpha 1)

The same is true for the 'issues' pane in 0.2 alpha 1, which incorrectly shows many undefined references which are in fact defined in another file.

Since the plugin already knows about files belonging together for compilation purposes (master document) it would be useful to also parse those files belonging together.

By the way - this is a great and extemely useful project! I have some (very limited) experience of python and would be glad to help out, but need some guidance, and suggestions for issues that are easy to tackle...


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    At the moment, I'm chewing on some architectural principles to solve such cross-reference issues in a manageable way. I'm aware of those 'undefined references' problem and I hope I can solve it soon :) thanks for posting!


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