#125 "New LaTeX Document" only available when .tex file opened

Michael Zeising

"Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me to lead with the following issues.
I saved some templates for LaTeX documents that I am using a lot. But
when I launch Gedit and try to create a new document from those templates I am allowed to do this "if and only if" I have some Latex file opened in main window.
In fact, the similar problems occurs when I need other functionalities of Gedit-Latex-Plugin and I have not any LaTeX file opened in the main window.
So my questions are:
1) how to enable "New Latex Document" in the "File" menu having not a tex file opened ?
2) how to let on by default the Gedit-Latex-plugin when I launch Gedit with no LaTeX file in main window ?

Thank you very much for any information,


Which version of gedit and the plugin are you using?


  • Anonymous

    I am using Gedit 2.30.2 in Lucid x64 and the version of my Gedit LaTeX Plugin is 0.2 rc3.