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GEBORA / News: Recent posts

CVS migration

GEBORA's CVS version was migrated to SVN. Needs some cleanup.

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2008-04-28

New developer

Today, Gebora has now it's first developer (not counting project's admin, of course). Adam has 5 years of Oracle experience and one with Swing. It's a valuable help to the new Gebora's team.

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2005-11-28

GEBORA is now beta

A lot of features is missing when compared to Quest's TOAD, but the main needed features are now implemented: tables, views, checks, indexes, foreign keys (and "reverse" foreign keys), procedures, functions, packages, etc.

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2005-10-19


Now it's simple to run GEBORA without knowing how to create BATs and PIFs. Using "Marner Java Launcher" (, an launcher was configured and uploaded.

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2005-10-18

Renaming project

Since GEBORA as project name was not well accepted by Brazilians, a new name must be choosen. One option could be "Gara" ("Egret" / "Ardea"): it's beautiful and eats frogs... :)

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2005-10-13

Alpha 6 released

A lot of new features were implemented in this release. Some of them include: index list, reverse foreign key listing, etc.

Posted by Eduardo M. Costa 2005-10-13