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TODO List:
( features included in () have lower priority)

	Geany 0.4 or later:

	o window positioning and window resizing doesn't work under win32
	o sci_cb.c: improve auto completion(include local tags)
	o complete documentation
	o documentation: list and explain filetype modes
	o interface.c: reorder the 'document' menu entry, differ between
	  document related and general settings, new submenu: View->Editor
	o http://pan.rebelbase.com/download/releases/0.14.2/WINDOWS/
	o fix a really nasty bug which causes a segfault, but don't know
	  where, is it still existent?
	o encoding-bug in utils_convert_to_utf8()
	o latex build menu
	o colourize the tags in the tag list widget to show if it's a
	  function, macro or whatever
	o rewrite untitled.extension after "Save As" in the file header
	o fix { and } problems at some "special" lines where indentation
	  get broken
	o give the rows in the open files treeview a special popup menu, to
	  delete and some other things
	o command line option -e
	o (project management)
	o (folding)
	o (vim-like settings stored in files as comment)