#668 bash


into filetypes.sh
it could to be good to add as keywords all keyword define too by gtksourceview i done the list. tho only thing to do is copy it and paste it:

alias ar awk basename bash beep bg bind builtin bunzip2 bzcat bzcmp bzdiff bzegrep bzfgrep bzgrep bzip2 bzless bzmore cat cc cd chattr chgrp chmod chown chroot clear cmp command compgen complete cp cpp cut date dd declare df dialog diff diff3 dir dirname dirs disown du echo egrep eject enable env exec expr false fc fg fgrep file find fmt free ftp funzip fuser gawk gcc getent getopt getopts grep groups gunzip gzip hash head help history hostname id ifconfig info insmod install jobs join kill killall last lastb ld less let ln local locate lockfile login logname logout lp lpr ls lsattr lsmod make man mkdir mkfifo mknod mktemp modprobe more mount mv namei nawk nice nl passwd patch perl pgawk pidof ping pkg-config popd pr printf ps pushd pwd read readlink readonly recover renice rm rmdir scp sed select seq sh shopt sleep sort source split ssh ssh-add ssh-agent ssh-keygen ssh-keyscan stat su sudo sum suspend sync tac tail tar tee tempfile test times touch tr trap true type typeset ulimit umask umount unalias uname uniq unlink unset unzip uptime w wait wall wc wget whereis which who whoami write xargs xdialog zcat zcmp zdiff zegrep zenity zfgrep zforce zgrep zip zless zmore znew