#605 Python independence


Considering that Geany is meant to be a simple and light IDE, the massive dependency of Python is rather ridiculous, especially since it is only used for one script (genapi.py). I think it'd be worth considering changing that script to, say, bash, thus freeing Geany from that dependency. Moreover, genapi.py isn't even some massive 300 line script (it's about 60 lines, not including comments). Indeed, it could be changed to bash almost trivially. Just a thought.



  • Matthew Brush
    Matthew Brush

    AFAIK Geany doesn't depend on Python at all. It uses that script, *if it's available*, to rebuild the plugin API. The only people who would need Python are the Geany developers when updating the plugins API (much like the docs). If you look in the Makefile.am where the script is used, it's says::

    # systems without python should continue to build OK
    geanyfunctions.h: genapi.py ../src/plugins.c
    python genapi.py || true

    Without knowing which Geany version, whether source release or Windows build or some distro (and version, package name, etc.) it's hard to say where the problem is, but maybe it's the distro package that has wrong dependencies? If you're using the source tarball though (or Windows build) and actually do need Python, that'd for sure be a bug AFAIK.