#5 Keep it Lean

Mike McKee

I am liking this Geany. I'm still using Screem for now,
even though it's aggravating in Screem every time I
type "<" and a popup occurs (and I have memorized most
of the HTML popups and don't need this idiot menu). At
least your product allows me to turn this off.

However, if Geany were to support opening an entire
site from the menus in a kind of Screem way, plus
provided Find Files in Site feature that lets me to
text searches across multiple files, well -- you'd have
me hooked on Geany at that point.

So, anyway, I like the lean interface. I would
recommend keeping it as lean as possible but yet
provide some basic core functionality that most people
can't seem to live without. And that's the tough part
-- deciding what they can and cannot live without. For
me, the showstoppers are: no ability to load an entire
site (in minimal, closed file mode until I click the
file on the left) and no find files in site feature.

In fact, here are some features that I won't need. It's
up to you to decide if others do not need them either:

* New with template.
* Insert Comments.
* Count Words
* Build (menu).
* Compiler tab at bottom
* Messages tab at bottom
* "Beep on errors or when completion has finished"

However, I do love these features:

* line numbering
* syntax highlighting
* left pane for file selection, right pane for typing
* terminal window
* scribble -- way cool and quite necessary
* color chooser
* auto-indent
* leaving little bookmark pluses in the margin so that
I can come back to these easily.
* automatic brace match highlighting
* automatic parentheses match highlighting
* grey line for current line where the cursor is
* the way you have implemented find and find/replace
* goto line feature


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    Enrico Tröger

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    Enrico Tröger

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    Thanks for all your feature requests, although I had to
    refuse some of them. The listed features you dislike, are
    these features which I like most ;-), so they will remain.
    But most of them you can disable or just don't use.