#4 Simple Skinning

Mike McKee

By editing an XML file, I'd like to be able to have the
option to do some simple skinning with the application:

* Change the toolbar and menu icons used in the app.
* Change the application icon that appears in the
display manager.
* Hide a toolbar button I would never use.
* Move where a toolbar button is located (left or right).
* Hide a menu I would never use, such as "Build".
* Hide a menu item I would never use, such as "Show
White Space".
* Unhide a Favorites menu item that allows me to make
customizable URL shortcuts that launch the default
browser on the workstation and show this page. (For
instance, for adding my own HTML help files for my
favorite programming languages.)
* Change the icons used for the dialog buttons.

And down the road, perhaps add these:

* Add a background bitmap behind the menu bar, toolbar,
right-pane tab buttons, left-pane tab buttons, status
bar, etc.
* Change the keyphrases so that this app could be
internationalized in a variety of flavors.
* Change the splash screen.
* Create a "skin" that includes all the above including
preferred preferences so that a particular
programminging style is best suited, such as a skin for
PHP that Ubuntu distro makers could create and distribute.


  • Enrico Tröger
    Enrico Tröger

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    Sorry, but my goal for Geany was to write a clean and small
    IDE and these things would make the opposite. Perhabs you
    want to have a look at Quanta Plus.

  • Enrico Tröger
    Enrico Tröger

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