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#184 Another way to handle navigating wrapped lines


I'm not too keen on the double line-wrap symbols introduced with version 0.13.

The old Beaver text editor had very elegant navigation through a wrapped line, something I missed when I moved to Geany.

Beaver has a wrap-symbol at the right end of the window, just like Geany, but it is the arrow key navigation that is very different.

The up and down arrows in Beaver move one line. That is one line regardless of whether it is wrapped or not.

With Geany on the other hand, an up or down arrow key moves the cursor within the same line if it is wrapped.

You need to use both to appreciate how nice it works in Beaver.

Do it the Beaver way and get rid of that second line-wrap symbol on the left of the window.

Barry Kauler


  • Enrico Tröger
    Enrico Tröger

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    Regarding the line wrap symbols:
    There is a preference to change the symbols, you can select whether you want to display the symbols at the end of the line, at the beginning or both.
    Have a look at "line_wrap_visuals" in filetypes.common, for details please read the documentation at http://geany.uvena.de/manual/#special-file-filetypes-common.

    Regarding the arrow key moving:
    This should be supported by Scintilla but I didn't find anything related in the docs. But I doubt whether this is really useful, sounds unnatural to me.
    In case Scintilla doesn't support this, we could implement this in Geany itself but I probably won't work on this, though patches are welcome.